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What to Expect During Your MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests use strong electromagnetic fields and radio waves to develop pictures of organs, bones, and other arrangements in the body.

Before an MRI

If you have claustrophobia (worry of enclosed areas), talk with your physician ahead of time– she or he might talk about other alternatives, like an open MRI, or provide you a prescription for a moderate sedative you can take previous to the test to relax your stress and anxiety.

Before getting into the MRI suite, you will be asked to eliminate anything metal from your body. Some examples consist of barrettes, hearing aids, ornaments, eyeglasses, and body piercings.

Your radiologist will describe them all when the MRI is at first arranged so you have adequate time to prepare if there are any unique guidelines. They might ask you to refrain from eating about an hour or 2 before the test, but generally, you will not need to make any unique preparations.

Anybody can get an MRI no matter age. The only constraint is for pregnant ladies. The professionals will choose for ultrasound in location of an MRI scan if you are pregnant.

During an MRI

Upon getting in the MRI space, you’ll be asked to rest on a slim, cushioned table that slips in and out of the MRI scanner– a big tunnel or doughnut-shaped maker that is open on both ends. You’ll be provided earmuffs or earplugs to secure your ears from the loud pounding sound the scanner makes.

During the scan, the operator will not stay in the space with you but will have the ability to speak and see with you. The whole scan might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the intricacy. A radiologist will supervise the whole procedure and will be able to speak with you if you have any concerns or need to stop for any factor.

After an MRI

The majority of MRI tests are finished at an imaging center on an outpatient basis. As soon as your examination is complete, you’ll have the ability to return to the house after that the imaging center can give the results of your exams to your doctor, who will call you with the results.

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