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Oncology and Preventive Oncology

In this period of medical cost containment, Hope Healthcare Oncologists provide not just better treatment for cancer but also efficient programs for cancer awareness, screening, prevention and early detection. We vehemently want to convey the message that “Cancer is curable if detected early”. With this strong social aim, Hope Healthcare has established the Preventive Oncology Department mainly to concentrate on developing awareness amongst the general public, about the need to screen for early detection of cancer.

What We Do at Hope

The Gautam Budha Nagar and the adjoining areas have been highlighted as the maximum cancer prevalence belt of the country. Keeping this in mind, the Hospital takes upon itself the social responsibility to spread awareness regarding cancer prevalence, prevention and the need for screening, importance of early detection, and provide other related guidance. The promoters shall at regular intervals conduct camps, training and teaching classes for the same.In addition to this, the department shall also make efforts within the Institute in cooperation with numerous NGOs operating in this field.

Conduct Screening – Standard cancer screening is provided for healthy people after a certain age at an extremely subsidized rate in the specialized preventive oncology OPD.

Develop Awareness About Preventive Vaccine – Show boards shall be readily available in OPD, which will highlight the significance of the cervical cancer vaccine.There are specialized screening packages for both the sexes and consist of a panel of investigations:

For Males

  • Clinical Examination (including an ENT examination)
  • A complete blood picture
  • Tumor markers like PSA,CEA etc.
  • X-Ray chest.
  • Ultrasound entire Abdominal area.
  • Stool for Occult blood.
  • Other specialized tests based on the requirement.

For Females

  • Clinical Examination (including an ENT examination)
  • Breast and pelvic evaluation by a trained oncologist.
  • A complete blood picture.
  • LBC/PAP Smear (For Cervical Cancer screening).
  • Sono mammography for breast screening.
  • X-Ray chest.
  • Ultrasound Whole Abdominal Area.
  • Stool for Occult Blood.
  • Tumor markers like Ca125,CEA,Ca15.3 etc.