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Hope Healthcare’s quality screening procedures supplies full-service diagnostic transmission for outpatients and inpatients. We offer many services consisting of –

Pathology – This department processes biopsies and tissues to identify if there is a malignancy or another illness procedure is going on. The pathologists (doctors) identify their findings using many strategies consisting of microscopic lenses, unique spots, and hereditary screening.

Hematology – This service covers medical diagnosis and management of a wide variety of benign (essential blood associated conditions) deadly (blood cancer-associated conditions) blood conditions of red cell/ white blood cell/ platelets.

Microbiology – The microbiologist’s culture specimens from prospective infection websites are trying to find bacterial, fungal, and/or contagious viral representatives. If they would be efficient drugs to deal with that infection, transmittable germs can then be checked versus various prescription antibiotics to figure out.

Blood Bank – This department carries out blood types on patients that might need to get extra blood mostly because due to blood loss or anemia.

Coagulation – Coagulation screening consists of checking the blood to see if it thickens in a typical time frame. Different drugs called anticoagulants are provided to patients to avoid their blood from thickening as quick.

Chemistry – This department uses automated analyzers to check for all sorts of metabolic chemicals, hormonal agents, and drugs from plasma and serum. A few of the most typical tests consist of cholesterol, lipid panels, potassium, heart markers, pregnancy, thyroid, and drugs of abuse screening.