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The team of Pediatricians at Hope Hospital offers instant access to specialized care, be it the OPD or the inpatient department. Their focus is to bring quality care with empathy towards recovery of the patients. Along with this, the team supports the family members to tide over this difficult experience.

The teamed is adequately trained to provide prompt services in case of any emergency situation. The specific care required by kids with severe disease or injury is provided by the team of doctors with knowledge in handling the special requirements of pediatric patients consisting of medications, devices, and how to reduce the discomfort, stress and anxiety that can happen.

Emergency/Personalized Services consists of:

  • Immunizations and yearly influenza shots
  • Asthma and diabetes screenings
  • Weight problems avoidance
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Oral services
  • Psychological health screenings and therapy.

Our other extensive services for kids consist of:

  • Pediatric outpatient take care of specific and regular healthcare for kids
  • Pediatric Emergency Situation Departments for teenagers and kids
  • Pediatric experts who deal with trauma,asthma, allergic reactions, diabetes, and psychological health problems.

As we completely understand the financial implications associated with the specialized care, our expert team also helps in finding health insurance coverage if desired for the kids.