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Our Beloved Chairman's Message

Our Mission is to Provide Healthcare Accessibility For All, Addressing the Evolving Needs Of Society. We are committed to delivering healthcare excellence that is both High-Quality and Affordable.

Care - Health - Happiness

The Hope Hospital - Best Multi Specialty Hospital in Greater Noida

Since Its Inception, The Hope Hospital has been at the forefront of pioneering initiatives, setting new standards for comprehensive healthcare in Greater Noida, the heart of the region. At The Hope Hospital, our relentless pursuit is to attain a 100% success rate across all our services, spanning consultations, diagnostics, pharmacy, inpatient care, including surgeries, and post-treatment support for our valued patients. If you're seeking the best hospital near you, your search concludes with The Hope Hospital.

In our ongoing dedication to accessible and affordable healthcare, The Hope Hospital stands firm, recognizing the challenges posed by pandemics and rising healthcare maintenance costs. Our unwavering commitment to providing you with the utmost excellence establishes us as the Best hospital in Greater Noida.

What Patients Say About The Hope Hospital

Patients Shared Their Heartfelt Experiences...

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Watch Udit Singh from Aligarh - Treated for AVN Problem

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Ruptured Appendix Operation, Recovered successfully after...

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Patna (Bihar) sei Greater Noida the Hope Hospital laye and We Got the excellent and professional care at The Hope Hospital...

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Successfully Treated - Patient was admitted as a case of Multiple times operated case of proximal femur with dislocated hip space for surgical management

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Here is another case of Oncology Surgery At the Hope Hospital, Delta-2, Greater Noida

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गर्भाशय की रसौलियों/बच्चेदानी के गांठों के - Finally, experience the joy of successful treatment at The Hope Hospital - Delta II, Greater Noida

Voices of Healing, Hope and Restoration

Why The Hope Hospital is the Best Hospital in Greater Noida !!!

Our Experienced & Expert Team of Doctors are the Driving Forces behind the Reason

Dr. Vinoy Upadhyay

MBBS, MS (Ortho.)

Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Madhavi Rawat

mbbs, Md


Dr. Rahul Mavi

mbbs, Md


Dr. Suddhatam Jain

mbbs, dnb

Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Parag Agarwal


Sr. Physician

Dr. Tarun Gupta



Dr. Deepak Rathore

mbbs, ms, mch

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Vivek Pathak

mbbs, ms (ent)

E.N.T Specialist

Looking for an Expert Doctor?

Book Your Appointment With Our Experienced & Expert Team of Doctors

Dr. Prateek Rastogi

mbbs, ms (ortho) fellowship

Pediatric Orthopaedic

Dr. Vijay Sharma

mbbs, ms, mch (urology)


Dr. Rohit Pandey

mbbs, ms, mch (neuro surgery)


Dr. J N Jha

mbbd, md, dm (cardiology


Dr. Mehakar Khari

mbbs, diploma (cardiology)


Dr. Vaishali

mbbs, ms, mch

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon




Dr. Ashish

Head of Dept. Of Dental Suregery

Our Specialities

Health Awareness Videos

The Hope Hospital's Team of Experienced & Expert Doctors Empowering You with Health Insights

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क्या ज्यादा वजन से होती है घुटनों में दर्द की समस्या ⁉️

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Know All about Dengue, Malaria & Typhoid from Dr Parag Agarwal, Sr. Consultant Physician

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जानिए Dr. Rahul Mavi (Consultant Physician ) से कैसे पहचानें बेहोशी - क्या यह एपिलेप्सी का दौरा है या हृदय समस्या?

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Keeping your kids safe from the common cold and flu is crucial, especially with Dr. Deepali's expert advice!

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Dr. Madhavi Rawat - Consultant (Obs & Gynae) at The Hope Hospital, who brings you a must-watch video on "What to do when you get pregnant"!

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Dr. Vinoy Upadhyay, Chairman & Director of The Hope Hospital, brings you a special educational video on bone and joint health


Stay Updated with Health & Wellness News & updates

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आने वाले कुछ सालों में क्यों बढ़ेंगे डायबिटीज के मामले?

In a recent exclusive appearance on "News Nation," Dr. Vinoy Upadhyay shared invaluable insights and tips on managing diabetes

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सीखें सही तरीका: बैठकर पैर क्रॉस करने के खतरे

Dr. Vinoy, Chairman and Director of The Hope Hospital, reveals the hidden dangers of sitting cross-legged on News Nation!

Community Wellness Initiative

The Hope Hospital's Vision for a Vibrant Society – Living With Optimum Health

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The Hope Hospital's Micro Marathon - A Step Towards Wellness!

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Honored to have the Founder Member & Secretary of Delhi Police Housing Society sharing their insights on the tremendous success of our Mega Health Camp! 🏥 Residents' well-being is our priority, and we're thrilled to see them benefit immensely from our initiatives.

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Mega Free Health Camp on Sunday, 17th Dec, and it was a massive success! We had the privilege of serving more than 200 patients, ensuring their well-being.

Why choose The Hope Hospital?

Choose The Hope Hospital for unparalleled healthcare: advanced facilities, experienced specialists, compassionate care, and a commitment to your well-being

More Experience

our seasoned specialists bring a wealth of expertise to ensure your optimal health

The Right Answers

At The Hope Hospital, expect the right answers—our experienced team provides accurate diagnoses and tailored solutions for your health concerns

Seamless Care

Experience seamless care at The Hope Hospital, where a dedicated team ensures a smooth and compassionate journey towards your health and wellness

Unparalleled Expertise

At The Hope Hospital, benefit from unparalleled expertise as our experienced professionals provide top-notch medical care tailored to your individual needs

Find Your Way to Get Excellence in Health Care

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Your Health, Our Priority !!!
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Your Health, Our Priority !!!

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